For the working people who pack their own lunch, you can buy lunch coolers for work.  You can buy cooler tote bags, small lunch cooler bags, personalized lunch boxes, large insulated drink holders and more.  Lunch coolers for men can be a camo lunch tote, for women you can buy an insulated lunch tote bag in pretty colors and designs.  If you have to walk a long distance you can buy a lunch coolers on wheels

There is a cooler bag to fit any need.  You can buy a big cooler bag, collapsible cooler bag, combo cooler bag, contour cooler bag, full size cooler bag, large cooler bag, personal size cooler bag, playmate cooler, portable cooler bag, rolling cooler bag, round cooler bag, small cooler bag, soft side cooler bag, wheeled cooler bag, yukon cooler bag, backpack coolers, beach coolers, fashion coolers, fishing coolers, kids coolers, ladies coolers, lunch cooler bags, men cooler bags, travel coolers, tailgaiting coolers, ice chest, totes and tubs that you monogram

A personalized beer cooler bag for groomsmen gifts is a cool groomsman gift.  Personalized cooler for men can be the collapsible cooler, the cooler chair combo, sport cooler tote bag, music cooler bag, mp3 cooler bag, cooler tote with cell phone holder, 12 pack cooler bag, party beverage cooler tub, custom cargo cooler, 6 pack zipper cooler with college and pro team logos and for the serious tailgaters buy the 50 can rolling cooler.  The padded wine cooler carrier also makes a nice groomsmen gift.

To go along with the cooler bag, buy a personalized koozie. A beer bottle holder or beer can koozie are useful gifts for guys. These personalized can coolers, insulated bottle holders or monogrammed custom can coolers can be inexpensive personalized beer coozies, an elegant black leather engravable medallion can cooler, sports team bottle jersey koozies or the personalized stainless steel can cooler. The beer holster makes a fun groomsman gift as well.  Personalized can wrap koozies can be customized with any name, title or phrase you want.You can get the ring bearer or kids fun koozies like gumby, spiderman, iron man or wolverine. For the hard to buy for you can get the remote controlled rolling beverage cooler or the electric cruzin cooler which is an ice chest mini bike combo.

When you hear the word cooler the first thing that comes to mind is something that will help keep your water, soda drinks, beer, wine, lunch or picnic supplies cold and insulated so your ice won't melt and your food won't spoil while you travel, play sports, go camping, go fishing, play golf, enjoy the beach, barbeque at the park, hang by the pool, go for a walk, tailgating at the ball game, play tennis or any other outdoor activity.  The most common brands of coolers are igloo, coleman, rubbermaid and loden..

Everyone uses coolers so giving personalized coolers makes a unique practical gift for any occasion. Custom coolers are very good for sporting events or anywhere there will be a big crowd of people.  Having a monogrammed cooler will keep you from losing it or someone taking yours by mistake. Having an imprinted cooler bag with your name, logo or initials will show others that the custom cooler is yours.

Once you pack your personalized cooler bag with food, beverages or ice they can become very heavy to carry.  You can buy a rolling cooler bag that you can pull behind you.  If you don't have a big storage space or have a small trunk you can buy a collapsible cooler bag. These portable cooler bags fold down and then pop up when you are ready to use them.

When you are away from the car watching a ball game or fishing, you can get a sit and sip cooler or a sit n fish cooler bucket.  This is a 2 in 1 combination of a chair and cooler. You can buy chair coolers for both men and women in a variety of colors.  These cooler chairs make great gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen.  For those on the go who do not have time to sit you can buy a personalized expandable backpack cooler to carry all your food and drinks.

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